Painting a New Future

by Willis Phu on February 20, 2012

Painted in wondrous colors, the walls of Comapala express a rich history dating back to the Communist revolutions. The walls are representative of the conceptualization of the Comapala itself. The town recreates new substance to public space by incorporating these murals. These artistic displays showcase the resourcefulness of the Comapala, and it is unique in the way the people choose to use older spaces to ascribe an significant meaning.

Similarly, the Tecnico Maya Vocational School Project implements environmentally friendly approaches in the construction of their school to teach useful trade skills to the children who attend. With environmental education as the helm of the school’s curriculum, the school seeks to build the abilities of the students. The long term effects of educating the youth with the capacity to create environmentally sustainable work gives Comapala and the area a feasible future. More information on this project can be found on iJourneyGreen.

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