Corporate Membership Program

At iJourneyGreen, we understand the many challenges that local businesses and striving companies alike face when attempting to make sustainable practices a part of their daily operations. With these concerns in mind, iJourneyGreen has created an innovative Corporate Membership Program, allowing companies of all sizes to participate in giving back to the environment.

While our Travel Creditâ„¢ program provides individual travelers and groups of adventure-seekers with the opportunity to support sustainable travel initiatives, our Corporate Membership Program also allows companies the ability to support and invest in all aspects of sustainable tourism, from the ecological consequences to the cultural impacts of global travel.

corporate membership
We offer four levels of Travel Partnerships which each suit the needs of companies of all sizes and capacities. Become a Green Travel Partner through our Corporate Membership Program today!

Would your company be interested in sponsoring a community project in a region of the world that you operate? If so, iJourneyGreen can help you create, implement and execute a community project that will demonstrate corporate responsibility and stewardship for the environment and places your company visits and operates.

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