Our Mission

The iJourneyGreen mission is to allow travelers to make a substantial change in our world by helping them give back to the regions they visit.

Our Vision:
iJourneyGreen is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting sustainable travel by funding local projects and community endeavors around the world. Through the purchase of Travel Credits™, traveling gurus and business operators alike can give back to the regions they visit by supporting local organizations working to improve the social and cultural livelihoods of communities across the globe. Our mission is to allow travelers to make a deeper connection and lasting impact with the places and people they visit, ensuring that environments and cultures of all types are protected and visited in a sustainable manner.

While global travel is essential for both personal growth and improving economic and social relations with other cultures, there are indeed a myriad of negative impacts tourism may cause, from environmental degradation to exploitation. With these issues at hand, iJourneyGreen has created an innovative donation model that addresses the many social, economic, and cultural dynamics at play in global travel. In response to the need for something beyond a mere carbon credit, which is only concerned with the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment, we were prompted to design the first ever truly sustainable credit offered through our website. Thus, a Travel Credit™ was born.

A Travel Credit™ is a holistic approach to making all forms of travel green and sustainable. These credits are conveniently offered through our website and are modeled as a solution specifically tailored to individual travelers, companies, and tour operators. By purchasing Travel Credits™ for the region of your choice, travelers are able to select and donate to local organizations helping a social, economic, or environmental cause in that particular region. You provide the funds, we make sure your precious donations go toward credible 501(c)3 organizations working diligently to provide support and relief to communities around the world. With the help of travelers from all walks of life, iJourneyGreen strives to make sustainable change in the world a reality.