Our Travel Credits

What are Travel Credits?
Travel Credits are the first-ever sustainability credits tailored specifically to the needs of travelers across the globe, from individual adventure-seekers to global tour operators. A Travel Credit is a holistic approach to making all forms of travel green and sustainable by providing local organizations with much needed financial and social support systems. These credits, which are offered exclusively through our website, provide individuals, businesses, and tour operators with the ability to support the multifaceted aspects of life in communities worldwide.

Why choose Travel Credits?
As opposed to carbon credits, which merely offset carbon emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere, Travel Credits are concerned with the entire spectrum of issues that affect local communities around the world. These issues span across a wide range of side-effects that result from tourism, such as environmental and cultural degradation. As global travel and tourism impact the environments, cultures, and people we visit, Travel Credits support and invest in all three. In this way, iJourneyGreen supports sustainable travel that strives to protect all areas and aspects of a community’s well-being we impact as global travelers.

How do they work?
Travel Credits seek to provide global aid and assistance in two major capacities:

Environmental Donations
iJourneyGreen’s partnerships include working with local organizations actively involved in raising awareness for environmental issues, which include donations to groups working in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects. With the ever-present threat and effects of global climate change, iJourneyGreen is committed to discovering and partnering with non-profit groups involved with environmental advocacy and responsibility campaigns, both in the public and private sectors. Since conventional travel by car or airpline requires the burning of fossil fuels for energy, our Travel Credit program succeeds in supporting the environmental human impacts of global travel.

Community Projects
Through our donation model, iJourneyGreen’s Travel Credits helps to implement a variety of social programs in many different regions, from programs which specifically aid women and young mothers to more general social programs which help these communities to thrive amidst the effects of poverty. We are actively involved in requisitoning traditional aid for the many communities across the globe who are in dire need. Traditional aid donations have been used for assisting in building infrastructure for low-income communities, such as through the construction of housing and local schools. These charitable donations have also helped to supply communities with basic resources and necessities, including the delivery of clean water and food. In the event of natural or man-made disasters, such as earthquakes or civil unrest.

Education Programs
At iJourneyGreen, one of our central tenants is the belief that educating travelers is a crucial tool for fighting to protect the social and cultural well-being of communities around the world. Knowledge about sustainble travel is an important tool that helps travelers equip themselves with understanding how the nature of travel affects the places and people they visit. By providing education and outeach services to help travelers, travel providers and related organizations, we can fight to support environmental conservation, the livelihoods of communities, and the natural wonders of the world through a shared understanding of sustainable travel.

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